Planning Socials for Season 2016/17

  • Wednesday’s are Sports Night, which means that the teams usually get together for pre drinks and then go out clubbing in Crisis (
  • Wednesday 11th October: Don’t miss the 1st social of the year!! All infos are available on our Facebook page.
  • October: Premier Squash League returns with Round 1 and 2 to be played.
  • October: We will be organizing a Graded Tournament. Watch this space.
  • November: Premier Squash League Round 3 and 4.
  • Early December: Christmas Dinner. Last year we went to the Cornerhouse and had a fantastic 3 course meal and wine for £20 each. A lovely way to get together before the Christmas way and celebrate the years festive season.
  • December: Premier Squash League Round 5
  • January: Premier Squash League Round 6
  • February:Premier Squash League Round 7
  • March:Premier Squash League Round 8 and 9
  • April:Premier Squash League Round 10
  • April: Potential trip abroad (to be confirmed)
  • May: Premier Squash League Semi Final & Final