1. How do we order new kit?
  • Core kit will be sold online, and can be ordered in September. UoN Sport will have their own website:
  1. How much does the kit cost?
  • Pricelists will be sent to each club contact post club meetings.
  • Get in touch with Club’s Treasure Hayden for exact kit prices.
  1. Can we customise the kit?
  • Club name on the WeatherLayer, Midlayer and Training T are possible online (5 day lead time).
  • Name and number may also be added but must be ordered manually (3 week lead time).
  1. Do we need to buy a ‘home’ and ‘away’ kit?
  • The Green kit must be worn when home AND away where there is NOT a clash.
  • Kit guidelines can be found below:

Screenshot (76)

  1. Can we wear our old playing kit to compete in next year?
  • We are no longer in contract with Kukri or KPMG.
  • PlayerLayer kit with our new sponsor, Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, must be worn when representing UoN in any competition (BUCS or non-BUCS) from Sept 2016 onwards. Failure to do so could result in sanctions.
  1. Can we wear our old leisurewear (jackets, hoodies, trackies etc)
  • You cannot wear Kukri leisurewear when travelling to/from or representing UoN in any fixtures, however you are fine to wear it casually.
  1. What happens if our club or individuals in our club wear Kukri or KPMG kit to or during competition.
  • Individuals and clubs will be sanctioned by a member of Staff (SU/UoN) or the Sports Officer.
  1. Can we get our own club sponsor on our on field or off field kit?
  • Yes, however we would advise you to strongly consider the implications of a kit sponsor. For example if the sponsorship will be a 1 year deal, you will need to consider how you will fund new kit (without the sponsor logo) for the following year.
  • Please discuss further with your CDC and PlayerLayer if this is something that may apply to your club. PlayerLayer will also provide the deadline date for sponsors logos.
  1. I have a further question, who do I contact?