Women’s 1st team

The women’s first team are competing in the Premier League and in the Championship Cup.

Women’s 1st Team Players:

  1. Hana Ramadan
  2. Jannis Lam
  3. Lea Van Der Zwalmen
  4. Siobhan Knight
  5. Anna-Louise Openshaw-Blower

Upcoming Premier League Fixtures:

Stage 1 matches (Premier North)
Depending on how our team does (see bottom of page for detailed explanation), they will either play in the Stage 2 Upper or Stage 2 Lower.

Stage 2 matches (Upper and Lower)

The top team from each group (North & South) will compete in Stage 2 Upper and the bottom team will compete in Stage 2 Lower. Team finishing in 2nd to playoff against Premier South 3rd, and 3rd to playoff against Premier South 2nd, with winner of each match progressing to Stage 2 Upper, and the loser of each match to Stage 2 Lower.

Follow our women’s 1st team: fixtures & results
To find the addresses & parking notes for away matches, go to this site as well.

Upcoming Championship Cup Fixtures:
Finals: Wednesday 15th March v. Birmingham 1st

To see the Championship Cup draw & results go to: knockout draw